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Start Engines, Clear Props

Learn to fly with TVSA because flying is not just a career, it is a thrilling and passionate hobby that once you start it is hard to stop. 

The RPL is your exciting introduction to the world of Aviation and the first step to gaining a Pilot’s Licence.

Get your wings and be able to fly as Pilot in Command of an aircraft anywhere in Australia with your friends and family.

Once you hold your licence you can add a range of endorsements and ratings, including: Aerobatics, Multi-Engine and Tailwheel. 

Not sure what you want to do? No worries! Leave your details and we will call you for a chat about how we can help you achieve your flying goals.

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first step in learning to fly

Recreational Pilot Training

practical training

With an RPL, you are able to fly a single-engine aircraft up to 1,500kg, fly within 25nm of the departure aerodrome, and carry passengers.


As part of your training, you will complete a short theory course. This can be studied in class at TVSA or via self paced study in your own time.


We have a range of training aircraft available for you to train in. Choose from our Cessnas or Pipers, or even better, get experience in both.

first step to your love of aviation

Private Pilot Training

Practical Training

This Licence allows you to pilot an aircraft anywhere in Australia. It also includes your Navigation and Controlled Airspace Endorsement


As part of your training, you will complete a short theory course. Your Private Pilot Theory course can be self studied at your own pace.


This training will give you the opportunity to get experience in a range of aircraft in out fleet - from 2 seater to 4 seater and fully digital. ​

learn to fly with additional extras

endorsements & ratings

Multi Engine

The Multi-Engine Aeroplane Class Rating can be completed as a stand alone course, or as an introduction to and in conjunction with an Instrument Rating course.


Throughout the course you will complete a number advanced handling and aerobatic exercises that will greatly enhance flying skills and boost your overall flying confidence.

flight instructor

For many Commercial Pilots a great way to build your experience and flying hours is to teach others how to fly. This 13 week course can kick start your career.

Theory courses

Pilot theory

The CPL theory course requires you to complete seven areas of study. An exam on each area needs to be successfully completed before you are able to attain your Commercial Licence.

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All of our students are individuals, which is why our training is not one size fits all. We value our students progression, feedback and success above all else.