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As a long established organisation, we look to provide the best training environment possible whilst offering a wide array of courses.

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This page is designed to support you through your studies. We have collected a number of helpful links, information and articles to support your training.

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covid-19 update

Updates from TVSA Pilot Training in regards to COVID 19 and your training will be sent to your email. To ensure you stay up to date with any changes, please ensure your contact details are current. If you have any questions please contact your team leader or dispatch. • 03 5369 5162

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We have included the below links for you to access when you are in need of a little helping hand. 

Aviation Study Supplies
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documents & forms

Here are some copies of important documents and forms you may need during your course.


student loan information

Be informed about VET Student Loan and what it means for you. 

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AVI50519 Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating) 

Why you should chose us for your flight training

All of our students are individuals, which is why our training is not one size fits all. We value our students progression, feedback and success above all else. 


They've got great new tech and incredible facilities! Everyone was very helpful and really friendly.
Aaron Schmidtke
The professionalism of the crew at TVSA is unparalleled. If you're considering learning to fly and you have little to no experience, TVSA's instructors will build your confidence through their calm and affable manner.
Prasad Gunatunga
Amazing people, very talented instructors and staff. Would highly recommend TVSA to anyone wanting to do any form of flight training.
Jodie Davis