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proudly partnered with

Zeefi Loans

TVSA Pilot Training has partnered with ZeeFi, Australia’s first dedicated private student loan provider, to financially support students so they can focus on their training.

who are Zeefi?

ZeeFi are an Australian fintech partner to the education sector, committed to providing students affordable payment plans that enable better access to quality education.

Study Now Pay Later

Study Now Pay Later removes the financial barrier to enable you to access quality education. Available for courses valued between $500 to $20,000, this flexible, interest-free payment plan allows you to focus on studying and paying later.

Here’s what you get:

  • Affordable access – You get to study now and pay off your course with fixed, interest-free repayments.  You also receive the benefits of low monthly account fees.
  • Greater course options – Choose the course you want without worrying about the financial burden of upfront fees. Not covered by government funding? ZeeFi partners with a range of education providers to remove the stress of course financing.
  • Simple solutions – ZeeFi only services the education sector, which means its team understands the needs of students working and studying at the same time. You can be granted approval within an hour of submitting your application.

Not sure if you are eligible?

Hit the button below to find out more about your eligibility requirements and application process. 

WHat is

Payment Assist

Don’t let the stress of upfront course costs keep you from a quality education. Payment Assist offers you interest-free, fixed payments across an agreed term, with the ability to alter those terms if your circumstances change. By choosing Payment Assist, you can secure your enrolment and concentrate on what’s most important: your studies.

Here’s what you get:

  • Certainty – Have peace of mind knowing your enrolment is secured without the stress of upfront course costs.
  • Interest-free – Make fixed principal repayments without worrying about interest.
  • Simple and flexible – Apply and manage your application quickly online.
  • Affordable – Repayments are evenly split into weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payments.
WHat is

Vocational Loans

Vocational Loans is the affordable payment option for courses that might not be covered by government funding. Available for courses valued between $2,001 to $20,000, Vocational Loans helps remove the financial barriers that prevent you from upskilling or advancing your career.

Here’s what you get:

  • Affordable payment plans – Choose a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment plan that aligns with your pay cycle.
  • Only pay for what you borrow – If, for whatever reason, you need to stop studying, only pay for the course fees that you have already used.
  • Take repayment holidays – If you are ahead of your repayment schedule by up to three months, you are eligible for a repayment holiday.


We have included some helpful links for you to find out more about financing and your eligibility requirements.