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Why Bacchus Marsh for flight training?


Bacchus Marsh Aerodrome is located to the south of the Bacchus Marsh township. While the drive out of Melbourne may take about 50 minutes, it’s well worth it.

Our training area is pretty big. It’s a bit more than double the size of other training areas around Melbourne. We’re also the only school using it on a regular basis, so you’ve got more room to move.

Being outside the Melbourne area means that we have less air traffic as well. This means you can begin your journey in a calmer environment.

We’re still close to controlled airspace, though, so you will be regularly exposed to that environment as you learn.

With a short taxi from parking to runway and no landing fees, you get more time in the air for your money. The airport is in the training area, so there is no transit time before your lesson begins.

What about a Control Tower? We don’t have one here at Bacchus Marsh, so your first experience with ATC will be after you’re already comfortable handling the aircraft. This means less stress while learning to interact with ATC. You’re only learning one new skill at that time.

In 2018 we announced a $10 million upgrade to our training and accommodation facilities. This upgrade also includes a complete refurbishment of our fleet. So far, we have seen our new Operations building open, and two fully refurbished aircraft come online.

Not convinced? Come out and see us!

Give us a call on (03) 5369 5162 to book a Trial Introductory Flight or a no-obligation chat with an instructor.