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So, you want to fly for fun… but which licence is the right one for you?

A Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) is a great starting point for anyone with little to no flight experience. This licence will allow you to pilot single-engine aircraft up to a maximum take-off weight of 1500kg in day VFR conditions. RPL holders are limited to flying no more that 25nm from the aerodrome where the flight began.

Our RPL syllabus covers the basics of flying an aircraft and includes all the theory and flying experience you will need to complete your RPL flight test.

The following endorsements can be added to an RPL:

  • Controlled aerodrome endorsement (RPCT)
  • Controlled airspace endorsement (RPCA)
  • Flight radio endorsement (RPFR) – requires an aviation English language proficiency assessment
  • Recreational navigation endorsement (RPNA) – requires minimum flight time of five hours solo cross-country

An RPL may be for you if you intend to do short joy flights, or if you are working your way to a CPL.

A Private Pilot Licence (PPL) will allow you to fly an aircraft as pilot-in-command for private operations within Australia. Initially, you will be able to fly single-engine aeroplanes with a max take-off weight of 5700kg.

Our PPL syllabus starts with the same initial training as the RPL. Following this, our PPL flight training takes you into the realm of navigation. It also includes all the theory required alongside the flying. You will learn how to plan a flight and how to navigate across the countryside.

After getting your PPL, you can further your training with additional endorsements and ratings to:

  • Fly at night
  • Fly using instruments
  • Fly aerobatics
  • Fly different aircraft types, including multi-engine aircraft

Our syllabus structure also allows you to start with an RPL and continue onto a PPL later.

You can even progress from a PPL to a CPL if you decide to pursue a career in aviation – or just for the additional challenge!

Contact us or give the office a call on (03) 5369 5162 for more information or to get started.