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RAAus to GA – what you need to know


An RAAus Pilot Certificate is considered equivalent to a CASA RPL. You will need to fill out an application form and supply some documents to CASA to convert your certificate to a licence. Once you have an RPL, you will need to do a flight review with a GA flight school to activate it.

You will need a Class 2 Medical or a Recreational Aviation Practitioner’s Certificate to hold an RPL. For more information about medicals, please see the CASA website.

You will also need to complete an English Language Proficiency assessment. If you are wanting to fly in/out of security-controlled aerodromes, you will also need to obtain an ASIC.

We recommend a few familiarisation flights on the new aircraft type before your flight review. You will also need to study the relevant responsibilities of an RPL. If you don’t have any instrument flight time, you will also need to complete at least two hours.

When you convert your licence, you can also convert any other endorsements (such as a navigation endorsement) if you meet the CASA requirements.

Once you have an active RPL, you can fly VH registered single-engine aircraft. You can then add endorsements to your RPL, or complete navigation training towards a PPL, depending on what you want to do.

As with the RPC, you will need a flight review every two years.


Hiring TVSA aircraft

TVSA has VH registered aircraft, so if you want to private hire with us you will need to have at least a RPL.

You can do familiarisation training with us and then your flight review. This will count as a check ride and passing that will allow you to subsequently hire our aircraft.


CPL training

If you’ve started your flight training in RA aircraft, you may be able to have some of those hours recognised towards CPL training.

If you are interested in joining a Diploma course, you will need to convert your RPC to an RPL first. You can then have your previous experience recognised and join from the relevant phase of the course for your experience. You will not be eligible for the 150-hour integrated syllabus though, so will need to have a total of 200 hours before you will be eligible to complete the CPL flight test.

If you want to study privately, you will need to do some familiarisation flights and then we will assess where you’re at and develop a training plan to suit.

For both the Diploma and private CPL training, your RA hours will count towards the 200 required for the CPL test.

Alternatively, you can start training from the beginning, and you may be able to move through initial training a little quicker, depending on your level of previous experience. This will allow you to be on the integrated, 150-hour syllabus but your RA hours will not count towards overall experience required for a Commercial Licence.


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