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Due to the current COVID-19 safety policies we have in place, we have updated our accredited training application process. Please find below an outline of the new requirements and processes. Please contact us at should you have any questions.

The course screening process will now consist of 2 mandatory online meetings:

  • Course Presentation and Information Webinar
  • Individual Application Interview.

However, before you can attend these meetings you will need to complete the following online activities:

  • Complete the Pre-Registration Form on the TVSA Website.
  • Complete the online English and Maths exam that is issued to you after you have submitted your pre-registration.

1. Pre-Registration Form

This form, located on the TVSA website, will ask you to provide some details and upload some identification documents that are required to evaluate your eligibility for some parts of the course. Once this form is completed we can issue you your Online English and Maths Exam login, your webinar link, and schedule your individual interview time.

Please note: This information is stored securely and is only accessed when needed by authorised personnel. 

2. Online English and Maths Exam (LLN)

To determine that you have the required Language, Literacy, and Numeracy skills to adequately complete the course, you will be required to undertake an online Language Literacy & Numeracy Test. Your details for this exam will be emailed to you once you have complete the pre-registration form. We expect you to have completed all assigned activities before you attend your screening.

Please note: the login will come from BKSB, who is our online exam provider. If you do not receive the login within 15-minutes of being notified of its issuing, we ask that you check your spam folder before contacting us. 

3. Course Presentation and Information Webinar

This course webinar will provide you with information about the course, including an overview of the structure, duration, and content, as well as the fees, start dates, delivery methods, and assessment methods. You will have limited time to ask questions so we please ask that you note them down and ask them during your individual interview.

4. Individual Application Interview

To determine if this is the right course for you, we conduct a short interview with you to determine your suitability to the course, as well as assess your verbal communication skills. This is an online Microsoft Teams meeting that is conducted by our RTO Officer and a Flight Instructor. It will involve some short questions around your interest in aviation, as well as identifying any potential issues that may be in the way of you completing the course successfully. Your interview will be held after the initial course presentation.

More Information

If you have any questions or would like to book an application screening for our 2020 diploma intakes please call our office on 03 5369 5162 or email us at