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Lockdown Update


What have we all been up to during the Metro Melbourne lockdown?

Our Diploma students have been flying through their theory subjects. Our instructors have been delivering their theory online through Microsoft Teams. We have provided everyone with extra one-on-one tuition to help them check their knowledge and ask any questions raised during or after the online briefings.

Everyone is excited to be getting a large portion of theory done. We hope to take full advantage of the summer weather to get plenty of flying done!

When they’re not delivering theory or helping our students, our instructors have been very busy checking and updating all our training materials. This includes the PowerPoint presentations we use for briefings and our theory assessments.

Our major project this year has been to update our RPL Flight Training Manual, as well as our FTMs for Navigation training and MEIR training.

The lockdown has meant we have been able to give our instructors more time to perfect these. We expect that they will all be ready in time to help our new and returning students get the most out of their training.

We are all keen to be back on site and in the air. Keep an eye on our social media pages to stay up to date. 

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