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Integrated vs Non-Integrated CPL

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You might hear these terms a bit, but what does it mean for you?

CASA (the governing body for aviation in Australia) define an integrated training course as one that combines theory and practical flight training in a structured way and is designed to be completed within a condensed period of time.

For CPL training, an integrated course can be done in 150 hours of flight time, while non-integrated training requires 200 hours.

The idea is that by doing all your training in a more condensed timeframe, the amount of flight training required to achieve the standard can be reduced.

Theory can be delivered by a third-party under an integrated syllabus, but here at TVSA we do it all.

Note: only a flight training operator who is approved under Part 142 to conduct an integrated training course for the grant of a PPL or CPL can offer training courses that benefit from the reduced aeronautical experience requirements described in Part 61.


So, what does this look like for your training with us?

Well, we have theory briefings worked into our flight syllabus. For your ab initio training, you will receive your training on a pattern of briefing, flight, briefing, flight, for much of the syllabus.

Throughout your navigation training, you will receive more briefings spaced around your longer flights.

The seven CPL theory subjects are taught here on a cycle – so usually one subject a month. The exact formatting of the class varies a bit, sometimes depending on the subject requirements and sometimes what we see is working best for our students. Generally, the class is delivered over 1-2 weeks, with a two week gap between subjects for study and to sit the exam.

Whether you decide to complete your CPL with us by our Diploma course or privately, you can be on our integrated syllabus. To qualify, you just need to complete all your training (from zero experience to CPL) within about 18 months. You do also need to complete all the theory courses with us, and do the exams when we direct you to.

We can also offer CPL training on a 200-hour non-integrated syllabus. This has no time limit on when you complete it, and more flexibility about the theory and flight schedule. You can completely self-study the theory on the 200-hour syllabus, and complete the exams when you like (as long as they are all done before your flight test!

Can a student transfer from a non-integrated course to an integrated one?

No. You must start on an integrated course to qualify for the 150-hour syllabus.

Can a student transfer between integrated course providers?

In general, yes. Flight training operators are allowed to offer courses that allow recognition for previous training with another integrated course provider. The first school will need to provide evidence that the transferring student meets the experience requirements of the second provider.

If you are interested in transferring, it’s best to get in touch with us to discuss your specific case. Depending on your level of experience you may be able to apply for credit transfers or recognition of prior learning.

Contact us or give the office a call on (03) 5369 5162 to discuss your CPL training options.